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When it comes to your lawn and landscaping, maintenance is key; however, upkeep, like mowing, weeding, and mulching, is time consuming and constantly necessary. Neglecting a lawn or landscape leads to more time and expenses for the property owner. Mountain Landscaping, LLC is here to help you get the most out of your investment. Let us do the work to keep your landscape looking healthy and well-groomed.

We offer a wide range of lawn and landscape maintenance services for both
residential and commercial properties, including but not limited to...

• Mowing
• Mulching
• Pruning and Trimming of Trees & Shrubs

• Weed Control
• Lawn and Plant Fertilization
• Pest/Disease Management & Treatment

Call today to learn more about choosing a maintenance plan that is right for you.

Mountain Landscaping Spring and Fall Clean Up


Seasonal cleanups are an important part of maintaining a beautiful landscape but can be overwhelming and are often overlooked. Let Mountain Landscaping, LLC tackle your spring and fall cleanups. Our attention to detail will leave your property fresh and free of unwanted debris and materials. Your landscape will be able to hibernate for the winter, free of leaves, or ready to be spruced up for the spring.

Our cleanup services include:

• Leaf Raking and Blowing
• Leaf Removal with Vacuum Truck
• Pruning and Trimming of Trees & Shrubs
• Clearing Fallen Debris
• Lawn Bed Edging
• Lawn and Plant Fertilization
• Reseeding
• Weed Prevention

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